Payment Technologies Leader

At G2E 2019, CountR reaffirms its position as an innovation leader in gaming payment technologies as it unveils new functionalities for its CashIO self-service payment kiosks, its TITA table micro kiosk and a new cash access product. Growing fast, the company continues to offer gaming operators the cutting-edge technology required to integrate the latest payment mediums and a complementary suite of player services.

CountR strategy is to leverage synergies with the industry’s most progressive gaming software and hardware manufacturers to provide solutions that adapt best to all types of land-based gaming environments while answering complex new challenges.

The new CashIO Platinum curved 32-inch display delivers an extended range of features while its powerful platform connects to all types of cashless transactions, including eWallets. It also delivers sophisticated player identification and club registration with ID reading to meet the most complex regulatory requirements. As omni-channel kiosks, CashIO smart terminals interface to multiple systems, redeeming casino TITO, sports betting, horse racing betting and other types of wagering tickets and wallets (accounts) from a single unit.

Other major functionalities comprise cash access (ATM and POS), jackpots payment, bonusing (through the Lush Rewards suite), advertising, handling multi-currency and much more—simultaneously saving operators real estate and increasing accessibility by combining functionalities under one hood.

With strong experience in tribal casinos, installations are now also under way across the U.S. for the CountR TITA suite. TITA is the industry‘s only end-to-end payment solution for live games. With its new POS (debit card buy-in) feature, its true TITO capability and the industry’s fastest integrated bulk bill validator, TITA is generating quite a buzz, and CountR anticipates it will offer benefits to many of the most prestigious properties in Las Vegas and around the globe.

CountR products also have the unique ability to be linked to CountR ART software, enabling comprehensive remote monitoring and management for full auditing and servicing purposes.

Visit Booth 4200 to discover how CountR cash systems can boost revenue and operational efficiency.

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