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Content Is Queen

Tifani Chung, Senior Content Manager, GTECH

Content Is Queen

Tifani Chung, senior content manager for GTECH, has worked in the gaming industry for more than 10 years. GTECH is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in regulated gaming markets worldwide. Chung’s responsibilities include the content strategy of the North American video lottery and route operations while overseeing the research and development division for video lottery markets within GTECH.

Chung believes education is the driver in enhancing one’s career. She attended the University of New Brunswick and graduated in 2003. She left the university with a computer science background in hopes of following her passion to work in the gaming industry.

Chung took on extra work and furthered her education to progress her success and leadership qualities. She notes that through her experience, she has learned how crucial teamwork is, and that working collectively cannot only benefit a company, but also the individuals within the team. Although she does not have direct reports as a mentor, the collective culture within GTECH offers employees the opportunity to all work together and learn from one another.

Shortly after attaining a job with GTECH, Chung began her career as a software tester. Excited to have her foot in the door, she knew this was the opportunity she needed to one day achieve a senior position within the company. In the early years, as a software tester she made sure to gain as much exposure and experience in the industry as possible.

The toughest choice Chung says she made in her career was moving from a project management role to a strategy position. In this new role, she takes on the responsibility of working on the front end of projects. Her new tasks include making decisions at the beginning of projects such as figuring out the scope, choosing the games to introduce, and where to launch them.

“The new role would be a change, but I was ready for it,” she says.

Chung takes pride in her strong leadership skills, which allow her to inspire her team to produce top-performing games while meeting aggressive business goals. She says the recent success of new multi-games released in Canada is one of her proudest moments with GTECH.

Chung’s advice to other aspiring and emerging leaders is to take and appreciate every opportunity, even if entry level or unexpected. Secondly, education is key, and is an important tool to better oneself and push forward in the professional world.

She believes each career choice is not just a stepping-stone, but is a learning tool for credibility and experience.

“I’m always looking for my next challenge,” Chung says. “This desire for constant change is a large part of what I attribute my rise in the company to.” Open to change, she looks forward to new gaming channels and challenges within the industry.