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Conscious Gaming Launches ‘Bettor Safe’ Awareness Campaign

Conscious Gaming Launches ‘Bettor Safe’ Awareness Campaign

Conscious Gaming, a philanthropic organization committed to utilizing advanced technology to propel social responsibility initiatives, has launched “Bettor Safe,” a national campaign to educate consumers about the risks of betting on illegal websites and the benefits of legal and regulated gaming options if they choose to wager. 

Accompanying the campaign launch, two state-specific initiatives, Bettor Save New Jersey and Bettor Safe Pennsylvania, also rolled out with the goal to have a presence in other states soon.

Leveraging a multi-channel approach that will reach consumers through advertisements, videos, an informational website and state-specific resources, Bettor Safe aims to empower individuals to know where online betting is legal and distinguish between regulated and unregulated sites.

Today, 15 states and the District of Columbia offer some form of legal online betting. This includes sports betting, iGaming and poker. But recent data suggests persistent confusion among consumers about online betting. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), 35 percent of individuals are unaware if online betting is legal in their states and many more, deceived by illegal operators, are wagering on unregulated sites. Bettor Safe will address misinformation by providing easy-to-find, consumer-facing resources about legal online betting, with the Bettor Safe website serving as an educational hub.

A recent survey conducted by Conscious Gaming on behalf of the Bettor Safe campaign polled more than 500 adults in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, respectively, on their habits and attitudes towards online betting. The survey found more than 25 percent of respondents in New Jersey and more than 30 percent of respondents in Pennsylvania are unaware if online betting is legal in their state or responded that it was not legal. 

Further, the survey revealed about 75 percent of New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents could not or are not sure if they could differentiate a legal betting site from an illegal website. However, among those surveyed who currently bet online, respondents (42 percent in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania) overwhelmingly cite “safety and security” as most important to them.

Bettor Safe is the latest effort from Conscious Gaming to aid consumers and promote responsible gaming. In September 2020, Conscious Gaming rolled out PlayPause, a new responsible gaming and sports integrity tool to help the gaming industry manage self-exclusion and impermissible bettor programs.

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