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Product: CDI GlobalSuite Application Advancements Manufacturer: Casino Data Imaging

Casino Data Imaging recently released GlobalSuite v1.5, its business-intelligence tool for casino floors, to provide enhancements to the 2D/3D graphical interface and Application Data Control Center.

The graphical interface now includes advanced printing functionality, more intuitive drawing tools and improved maneuverability for viewing the casino floor and accessing financial data. CDI has enhanced the viewport’s navigational capabilities with the addition of the ViewCube user interface element. Users can click on any facet of the cube to smoothly rotate the casino layout view.

Feedback received from slot technical managers paved the way for the Asset Master Analysis Grid within the dashboard operational collection of the control center. This allows technical and performance management to view on- and off-floor electronic gaming assets for analysis and Excel exports. Information includes, but is not limited to, EPROM and serial numbers, on-floor and off-floor dates, game themes, manufacturers, lease amounts, financial information and much more.

Also added to GlobalSuite’s operational collection is the Asset MDX Query Editor. This is a search feature allowing users to query the casino floor by inputting specific financial questions and/or game attributes for review and analysis. Query Editor is ideal for tracking trial games, bill validator issues, inventory, par percentages and more.

CDI is currently developing the next generation of GlobalSuite as a browser-based application. The company is expanding interaction with SharePoint, and will soon integrate Excel Service, and test features to blend cloud and on-premises capabilities to shift workloads around as needed.

For example, the solution can combine data borne in the cloud with data in an on-premises warehouse, ship the warehouse data to the cloud for transformation and analysis, and send the results back to the warehouse for real-time querying.

GlobalSuite components (dashboard, graphical interface and report analysis) can be used to complement a casino’s existing business intelligence assets as well as integrating applications that can operate off the GlobalSuite data cube.

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