Compact Performance

Product: BPS C2 Banknote/Ticket Processor Manufacturer: G+D Currency Technology

G+D Currency Technology recently unveiled the newest member of its family of banknote processing systems—the BPS C2, perfect for casino cage or count room operations. Offering high performance with compact dimensions, this latest generation of tabletop systems efficiently processes banknotes and TITO tickets.

The system has a throughput rate of 1,050 banknotes per minute (over 60,000 banknotes per hour) and has two output pockets plus a reject stacker. BPS C2 sorts currency by denomination, orientation or fitness in a continuous processing mode.

With the most reliable sensors in the industry, suspect notes are detected and rejected, reducing potential fraud losses due to counterfeit items.

Operators will find the system intuitive to use with 50 pre-set sort modes available at the touch of a finger on a remote touchpad. Managers will appreciate the flexible network and interface options, plus the ability to produce full-page reports in digital or print format.

The high throughput of BPS C2 increases productivity. With no loss of speed, banknotes and TITO tickets are counted, checked for authenticity, and sorted by denomination, orientation and fitness. User-oriented and optimized operator guidance keeps the number of work steps required to a minimum.

BPS C2 offers the best sensors in the industry—fast, reliable and precise with the ability to detect counterfeits and sort for fitness.

Intelligent software architecture ensures a simple and intuitive operation to suit cage or count room specifications that integrates with BPS Connect Casino from G+D Currency Technology and other CMS systems.

G+D Currency Technology also offers a complimentary Count Room Evaluation. Currency experts will visit your count room in person and suggest workflow enhancements, benchmarked against the most efficient casinos in the world.

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