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Common Currency

PRODUCT: TableXchange printer/scanner, MANUFACTURER: FutureLogic, Inc.

Common Currency

FutureLogic’s latest product, TableXchange, is a printer system that produces a voucher that can be used in either slots or table games.
The product, which debuted at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, connects the ticket-in/ticket-out network already in place at casinos to table games, enabling players to take their vouchers from slots to table games without exchanging vouchers for cash. FutureLogic officials say the device will create a “common currency” across casino floors.
Table games will become more streamlined and efficient with TableXchange, eliminating the need to replenish chips. Rather than plunking down cash in exchange for chips, a player with a TITO voucher need only hand his ticket to the dealer, who then inserts the voucher into the TableXchange device.
TableXchange scans and displays the ticket’s value on the device’s LCD and touch-screens, allowing the player, dealer and security operations to see and confirm the voucher amount. The player receives chips equaling the voucher amount.
When a player decides to cash out, the dealer collects his or her chips and enters the value of the chips on TableXchange’s keypad. The device prints out a voucher equaling the value of the chips for the player.
TableXchange also recognizes a property’s club cards, allowing players to receive points on their cards in exchange for activity at table games. TableXchange enables dealers to print out promotional coupons for customers.
For more information about TableXchange, call 949-487-4829 for sales inquiries or 702-597-5355 for technical service.

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