Colorado Casino Picks Table Trac

Minnesota-based system company Table Trac, Inc. announced the signing of a letter of intent to install its Casino Trac casino management systems with the two Deadwood, South Dakota, properties owned by Celebrity Casinos.

“We compared many casino systems before choosing Casino Trac from Table Trac, Inc., and we found Casino Trac to have the perfect combination of value and innovation,” said Robert Nelson, president & CEO of Celebrity Casinos.

“I am delighted to announce our opening of yet another gaming jurisdiction, especially in such a beautiful and historically significant location,” said Chad Hoehne, Table Trac president and CEO. “Celebrity combines gaming with attractions like its collection of rare automobiles, movie memorabilia, world class hotel suites and the historic Deadwood setting. The addition of our award-winning casino and kiosk promotional features to this unique property is a perfect complement for the patrons of the Mint casino and Celebrity casino.”

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