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Club on the Move

Product: Mobile EnrollmentManufacturer: Playersoft Technologies

Club on the Move

Playersoft Technologies’ Mobile Enrollment casino software is designed to let casinos take the player’s club to the guests. Proven to grow revenue and player satisfaction, the software features advances in mobile technology that are creating new and affordable ways for casinos to manage the identification, enrollment and tracking of players.

The Mobile Enrollment system allows hosts or other casino employees to sign players up for the club on the spot, anywhere in the casino, relieving players of the requirement to wait in line at the player’s club center. Mobile enrollment has been proven to increase the rate of carded play wherever it has been implemented.

Features include the following:

• Highly configurable to fit any casino’s operation and eliminate lines at the player’s club.

• Sign up guests on the floor in less than 10 seconds with 100 percent data accuracy.

• Scan IDs for completely accurate and automatic age verification based on state-issued records.

• Capture cell phone and email on every player.

• Capture photos of players or ID cards.

• Reprint cards for existing accounts and eliminate duplicates.

Mobile Enrollment works with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. For more information, call 866-925-0777 or visit

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