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Closing the Bet Loophole

Product: Simultaneous Bet Prevention, Manufacturer: Interblock

Closing the Bet Loophole

Some players have exploited a loophole in electronic table game terminals to run up player’s club points and/or free-play credits without winning or losing money, simply by placing simultaneous bets that balance each other out, such as betting both red and black in the same game on an electronic version of roulette.

This can be harmful to operators by increasing point liability without earnings, and by a non-playing player occupying a seat that could be used by a player who is legitimately playing the game. It can also financially damage operators when players cash out the free credits they have run up. Interblock’s innovative Simultaneous Bet Prevention technology firmly closes this loophole.

Interblock’s first-of-its-kind Simultaneous Bet Prevention technology allows the operator to quickly and easily prevent equal bets simply by adjusting a new setting in the configuration program. By adjusting the win/bet ratio for valid bets in decimals, the operator can set a game quotient that represents a quotient of maximum possible win and summary of all bets, multiplied by 10. The setting is invisible to the player unless and until he oversteps the quotient.

If the player places the same credit on opposite bets, then the betting table locks with the warning sign “Bets are not valid,” and the player must clear the last bet to continue the game. This setting is used for validating bets for roulette, baccarat, sic bo and craps. Side bets are not included in the game quotient calculation.

Simultaneous Bet Prevention technology benefits players by providing a fair and level playing field for all casino patrons and benefits operators by closing this important loophole.

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