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Empowering Employees Through Fashion


Introducing Design Collective by Cintas, a distinctive fashion house dedicated to creating a modern wardrobe for gaming industry employees. Cintas’ award-winning designers will curate an elevated wardrobe collection that enhances a client’s brand identity, combining custom-designed pieces with ready-to-wear styles tailored for a gaming property.

Cintas believes an employee who feels well-dressed is an employee who feels empowered. Happy to be at work. Confident in their role. Proud to be an ambassador for the brand. This is the inspiration behind Cintas’ approach to each and every Design Collective collaboration.

The clothes employees wear to work each day should be current, professional—and recognizable to a property. Cintas designers continuously explore the latest fashions in the gaming industry and work with a client’s team to define a style narrative that reflects who it is as a business and, through an interactive ideation process, determine the key design concepts that will bring that story to life.

Cintas considers performance, fit and functionality to be as important as style itself. To ensure Cintas designs meet the needs of a specific work environment, designers immerse in the day-to-day of a client’s employee functions, and tap into the resources for which Cintas is known.

Design Collective offers an extensive line of wardrobe collections for any type of client. Cintas prides itself on providing clothing that fits all shapes and sizes, and taps into decades of apparel program experience to help clients decide which approach best fits their needs.

Collaborating is a core belief within the Design Collective; Cintas understands that style doesn’t come from just one perspective. Trusted collaborations with leading retail brands like Express, Under Armour, Carhartt and Chefworks allow Cintas to offer one of the most extensive ready-to-wear lines on the market. Leveraging these partnerships allows the company’s award-winning designers to curate a look every employee will be proud to wear.

Another aspect that makes Design Collective truly different? The Cintas culture, people, world-class performance standards—and the caliber of its 42,000-plus employee-partners—are the reasons that more than 1 million businesses trust Cintas to get them ready, every day.

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