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Chips and More

PRODUCT: Chip Inventory System v. 2.0, MANUFACTURER: Gaming Partners International

Chips and More

Leading table-game supplier Gaming Partners International recently introduced Chip Inventory System version 2.0, the new generation of its groundbreaking tool that provides a live platform for management of the casino floor, in addition to tracking and protecting casino currency.

By connecting with back-of-house managing systems through its Chip Authentication Network, or CAN, the system affords automated control of live table games in real time. CIS 2.0 tracks chips from the cage or vault to its authorized location on the gaming floor, but through connectivity to one or more third-party CAN subscribers, grants access to accurate information from anywhere in the casino. 

As have earlier versions of CIS, GPI’s latest version uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the location and status of all enabled and authorized chips throughout the casino, increasing inventory movement efficiency and security as well as affording insight into operations. However, with CIS 2.0, the chip information integrates seamlessly through the CAN server with any third-party operating system. The CAN server allows users to perform the validation of each submitted chip, manages the chip’s status and flows, manages the connection with the secured chip DB, controls the chip flows and provides the chip’s status as well as any security problems via ENS (Event Notification Service).

Users can adapt the system to meet casino needs, and the system’s real-time monitoring and authentication of inventory provides instant validation of chip amounts and serial numbers.  The information then is linked automatically to any third-party system. By acting as a live gaming platform, CIS 2.0 ensures the security and efficiency of casino operations.

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