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Powering Casino Call Centers with Artificial Intelligence


Call centers are an integral aspect of casino resort operations. Even as guests are becoming more comfortable with booking travel online, the call center remains a major channel for casino reservations—especially for loyalty members who are often required to book through their assigned host to receive special offers.

With conversational artificial intelligence, or AI, casino resorts can implement an innovative booking solution that reduces the need for live agents. Conversational AI is the most popular form of artificial intelligence (e.g., website chatbots) as it enables consumers to communicate with the application the same way they would with a human agent. Integrating AI into a casino resort’s call center can streamline operational efficiencies and staffing issues, which comes at a crucial time for hospitality. Launched in August 2022, Cendyn’s new AI Call Center integration was created in coordination with PolyAI to provide casino resorts with the ability to reduce call wait times and create a streamlined system for new bookings, with additional benefits for loyalty members.

Cendyn’s AI Call Center application speaks and responds in natural languages, designed to handle any and all aspects of completing a new reservation—including collecting credit card information, proposed room types, stay dates and more. The AI is also trained to ask for loyalty member information if the caller does not automatically provide their details, while also identifying any special offers or comps that member qualifies for. This is a major development for the industry, as many current casino setups do not allow loyalty members to book these offers on their own.

Integrating Conversational AI into casino resort call centers brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to casino bookings. When it comes to AI and hospitality, the future is bright. The technology coming to market has the potential to solve some of the industry’s most pressing issues concerning staff shortages and training. With this integration, casino resorts can streamline operations while allowing in-person associates to concentrate on improving the on-property guest experience and creating the memorable moments that keep those guests coming back again and again.

For more information on Cendyn’s AI Call Center integration, visit or email [email protected].

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