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CDI announces Washington sales

Software provider Casino Data Imaging announced that it has licensed the company’s CasinoCAD v. 4 business intelligence program to the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort and the Yakima Nation Legends Casino in the state of Washington.

    “In Class II and Class III server-based markets, CDI’s technology brings multiple game server reporting under one   common graphical and report-writing umbrella for data visualization and report-writing analysis,” said CDI spokesman George Levine. “With CasinoCAD, casinos can easily create queries, analyze data and make well informed decisions. We are very proud to be partnering with these exceptional casinos and look forward to providing leading-edge analysis tools, support and continued development.”

    CasinoCAD enhances existing slot systems with data visualization tools and   “point and click” reporting to identify and analyze losers, trends, model saturation, par and denomination distribution, machine moves, trial games, WAP/lease products, specific groupings and much more in an instant.

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