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Table Games, Player Tracking and Automated Accounting


In 1995, Chad Hoehne founded Table Trac, Inc., because he realized a need and opportunity. Hoehne’s insights, based on observations and discussions with operators, uncovered the vast potential of player tracking and automated accounting for table games. In 1999, Table Trac received the industry’s first patent for automated table game management. In 2005, CasinoTrac became the full-featured, industry-first Class II and Class III hybrid online casino management system. Every day since then, CasinoTrac CMS has focused on satisfying users with secure, stable, robust and flexible platforms that do not fail.

While no system achieves 100 percent uptime forever, CasinoTrac has proven that, excluding catastrophic weather events, if backup power is available, CasinoTrac CMS will be there. Even with power issues, CasinoTrac is designed to recover in a fully unattended environment.

G2E 2023 will be a milestone. CasinoTrac is coming to Las Vegas with the support of more than 300 installations, including the approved Cashless Wagering System; RePrintEnroll, the unattended kiosk for card reprinting and account enrollment; cardless player tracking interface through the KTMobile app, Dynamic Player Messaging; and promotional games on the 6.2VSMIB graphical, touchscreen player interface. CasinoTrac Konnect is the product of DNA-level integration between CasinoTrac CWS and all the features of the Koin Payments financial layer.

On top of CasinoTrac’s exclusive relationship with Marker Trax, the creators of patented technology that provides instant digital casino marker funds to gaming customers, these systems are available to partners through a single transaction and a single point of contact, collectively known as Cashless in a Box. This provides an easy transition for operators who realize the substantial reduction of operational liabilities across the enterprises, all without the exposure to banking regulations.

Customers appreciate the enhanced funding experience and significant savings from not using the ATM machine or paying hefty cash advance fees, plus the ability to track, manage and control gaming and retail spending. The simple onboarding process is a relief to any player familiar with legacy cashless solutions, and the compliant KYC process is a relief to operators.

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