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Casino Technology to Launch 'Penthouse' Slots

Casino Technology to Launch 'Penthouse' Slots

General Media Communications, Inc., publisher of Penthouse magazine, announced that it has signed an agreement with Bulgaria-based slot manufacturer Casino Technology to produce “Penthouse” and “The Penthouse Club” slot machines.

The new series of slots will be available beginning in early 2012 in casinos throughout North America, Europe, Central America, South America and Asia, according to the announcement. The slot swill feature well-known Penthouse images such as the “Penthouse Pets” and the “Penthouse Key Girl,” as well as other icons associated with the popular men’s magazine.

“Our goal with this agreement is to create a product with special appeal, which is unlike other products we have created in the past,” said Rossi McKee, vice president of Casino Technology. “Penthouse and The Penthouse Club slot machines will feature high resolution and quality video and graphics, as well as innovative designs, concepts and distinguishing characteristics that will set these machines apart from all others.”

Jeff Stoller, director of global club licensing for the Penthouse brand, added, “This agreement is a milestone for our brand since it represents the first worldwide license we have given in the gaming category. Casino Technology and its executive team have shown a willingness to go above and beyond the norm, and through their business relationships around the globe, we feel confident that the Penthouse and The Penthouse Club brands will continue to expand to new locations and consumers.”

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