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Casino Technology & Alto Gaming: Best of Both Worlds

Alto Gaming continues to introduce the games of the highly regarded Bulgarian company Casino Technology to the Americas

Casino Technology & Alto Gaming: Best of Both Worlds

Bulgaria-based gaming manufacturer Casino Technology, developer of some 500 slot titles, comes to G2E 2015 with a rich portfolio of games compliant in many jurisdictions and customizable for individual markets. As always, Casino Technology will greet show attendees alongside its stateside partner and distributor, Nevada-based Alternative Gaming Solutions (Alto Gaming).

The companies first joined forces in 2011, to match Casino Technology’s international platform and success as a supplier to a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor. Their mutual goal: to penetrate Class III markets in the United States and North America and branch out in Asia. The alliance of two innovative companies on two different continents has created an international force designed to bring innovation to the gaming industry.

Alto Gaming offers a full range of Class III gaming equipment, including slot machines and video slot games, jackpot systems, decorative signage, progressive links, premium branded series, interactive multimedia applications, multi-player solutions and a unique set of sophisticated gaming systems. It holds the license to distribute Casino Technology’s extensive portfolio of top-performing gaming products.

At G2E, look for Alto Gaming to present its popular Hot Rod brand in a retuned design that pays homage to the iconic magazine and those great American pastimes, drag racing and hot-rodding. Hot Rod has been redesigned to appeal to a whole new generation of car enthusiasts and gamers, and is going to “alter the perceptions of gaming horizons in the States,” promises Casino Technology Vice President Rossi McKee.

To coincide with G2E, Alto Gaming is launching more than 80 slot titles on Flash and HTML5 for online and mobile apps, with one of the best-recognized social gaming providers, Playsino. Also at G2E, Alto will display authentic U.S. slot game titles including Wild Sunrise, Jungle Fortune and Magic Pearl, all of which have been certified for a number of tribal jurisdictions. In addition, the company will present the multi-level progressive jackpot 8 Peacocks and four unique Asian-themed games, including the colorful Peacock & Dragon. “They provide an exciting mix of games utilizing Chinese mythology characters, attractive visual presentation and an innovative jackpot concept,” says McKee. 

Blurring the lines between traditional and online gaming, Casino Technology’s Big 5 suite of multi-channel gaming systems also will be showcased at G2E. The Big 5 was designed to bridge the divide between land-based gaming and online/mobile platforms.

“As gaming becomes more interactive, it needs to be available on demand,” says McKee. “With the Big 5 all-in-one system suite, we managed to provide a valuable tool to erase the borders between classic brick-and-mortar and online gaming by combining five sophisticated systems into a single solution.” The suite includes:

• The Rhino casino management system, designed to improve control on the slot floor and optimize management and operational processes and to provide player tracking and loyalty program management;

• The Leopard online gaming platform, which lets operators and players choose among multiple casino games and products and integrates into a single casino lobby and wallet;

• The Lion money management system, which enables cash-in/cash-out payment transactions from physical cash into electronic money in a closed-loop environment;

• The Elephant remote game server, which can distribute content for video slots, bingo and roulette as well as third-party content like virtual sports, sports betting and live games to all existing gaming channels, from online and mobile gaming to traditional VLTs; and,

• The Buffalo universal jackpot server, which links online and land-based groups of machines to the same jackpot, and supports both LAN and WAP.

The Big 5 is designed to help operators improve slot floor performance and control, as well as attract a whole new customer demographic—the growing ranks of mobile players. “The ingenious architecture of the suite, introduced in 2014, allows us to facilitate easy, less time-consuming updates and upgrades, and in practice has widened the scope of applications and functionality,” says McKee. “Along with multiple installations of the systems in the traditional legal gaming markets in the Balkans, Europe and Eurasia, we’ve succeeded in breaking through the social gaming sector, which currently is gathering speed in the U.S.”

The systems create a fluid environment where players can access favorite games from any device through a common account, with all loyalty points and credits readily available. The emphasis is on accessibility, speed and ease of use.

“The change in the behavior of users is driving the development,” says McKee. “We have been part of this process in the last five years, trying to predict the trend and implement in the architecture of our Big 5 solution the expectations and behavior of the new generation of players that play at their convenience, on demand, any time, any place.”

The components are customizable, and can be used together or separately, depending on market demands and regulatory requirements, for social gaming or in casinos, on slot machines or on game devices of all kinds, including mobile devices and tablets. “The Big 5 was developed with the vision that brick-and-mortar casinos and virtual casinos will coexist and players will ultimately take advantage of both—if the transition between the two is easy, intuitive and seamless,” says McKee.

In other developments, the company just launched its Arch gaming system on its home turf in Bulgaria, offering an immersive gaming experience with Arch’s unique 42-inch high-definition curved display. The result is a multi-sensory experience with pulsing audio, vibrant graphics, touch technology and on-screen interaction. Casino Technology is launching Arch with a multi-game mix called Treasure Journey, including 10 unique titles employing proven math models, game features and adventurous themes.

Moving forward, Casino Technology and Alto Gaming will build on their track record of successful gaming products like the global hit Gamopolis multi-game series, including its latest version Gamopolis Speedway, with more unique titles in the new Aurora upright cabinet. Coming up, Casino Technology is preparing to launch its Big 5 suite in Indochina, “to handle the millions of gamers and players in that part of the globe.” And the positive reception in jurisdictions around the world “makes us feel we’re on the right track,” says McKee.

“Paving the road ahead, we at Casino Technology created a powerful solution that empowers the seamless connection between land-based and online gaming with the complete range of systems of the Big 5, offering continuous gaming experience to the players from all ages.

“Following the booming Asian markets, Casino Technology is planning to explore the opportunities for a launch of the Big 5 on the regulated markets there as well. Only 18 months from the initial launch, we are experiencing great acceptance and interest, proving that Big 5 is the visionary concept for the future of gaming.”

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