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Cashless Gaming Solution

Flexia Payments • Booth 3012

Cashless Gaming Solution

The Flexia Cashless Gaming Solution eliminates the current pain points of cashless while maximizing its flexibility and efficiency across the entire casino resort—from enrollment, compliance, and onboarding across multiple systems to funding, loyalty, data, and marketing.

It all begins with a simple and seamless enrollment process. Flexia’s new InstaPlay Registration and Integrated Onboarding Module eliminates the friction from the enrollment process by enabling instant on-site player enrollment in Flexia’s Cashless Gaming Solution while simultaneously onboarding players across multiple casino platforms in a single, automated process.

With a simple scan of a QR code in the casino or on the casino’s website, InstaPlay collects customer data, performs instant KYC and fraud checks, issues a co-branded multi-account Flexia Prepaid Mastercard in digital and/or physical formats, and populates the casino’s CMS and loyalty system with customer data to create accounts. Casinos are able to leverage Flexia’s KYC/fraud checks for their independent compliance purposes.

Players can then easily load funds to the app from bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards, and transfer funds among the Mastercard account, gaming accounts and their favorite games.

Strategic partnerships with leading casino management systems and other innovative gaming platforms, coupled with the flexibility of Flexia’s platform, allow Flexia to integrate with multiple systems, including gaming, loyalty and hospitality, while also bridging land-based and online gaming platforms.

The Flexia Cashless Solution opens a whole new world of opportunities to drive player engagement, loyalty and retention. Through the Flexia Mastercard, operators can access and mine real-time data on player spending habits and behaviors—both inside and outside of the casino. Utilizing next-gen relational databases and Flexia’s unique marketing and promotional tools, the casino’s marketing team can send highly targeted in-app promotions tailored to the player or player demographics.

In addition, customers may also earn casino loyalty points for spend using their Mastercard, allowing them to achieve VIP loyalty status faster and strengthening customer loyalty/retention.

The Flexia Cashless Solution can be delivered as stand-alone Flexia App or as integrated features in a casino’s own consumer app.

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