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Cashless Casino

Acres Manufacturing • Booth 4211

Cashless Casino

Acres Manufacturing is showcasing Acres Cashless Casino. Powered by Acres’ Foundation technology, Cashless Casino is the industry’s only solution capable of both processing real-time gaming data and conducting cashless transfers to and from any slot machine or table game.

Acres’ efforts to innovate solutions that enable a more intuitive adoption of cashless gaming technology set the stage for the option of a completely cashless casino gaming floor within a few years, eliminating cash-handling expenses and driving a better overall player experience.

Early deployments of Foundation’s cashless gaming have proven that players increase their play and visitation by more than 20 percent. Casino operators are increasingly expressing wide-scale interest in deploying cashless gaming technology. However, implementing cashless gaming quickly becomes a burdensome, do-it-yourself project for operators as they struggle through the limitations of decades-old legacy casino management system technologies to integrate a payment processor and user interface while accounting for dispute resolution and regulatory compliance.

Cashless Casino addresses this challenge by making the rollout incredibly easy and intuitive, as it enables operators to focus on player education and the gaming entertainment experience. Even better, Cashless Casino can be installed within about 15 weeks of receiving an operator’s order.

Cashless Casino works on any slot machine or table game, including those connected to casino management systems from Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and Light & Wonder. These legacy CMS solutions continue to account for play and loyalty data, while Foundation processes the entire machine event stream in real time, resulting in over 1,000 times more data being provided to the casino. Over time, casinos can migrate all CMS functionality to Foundation and remove the legacy CMS without any disruption to their loyalty, reporting or analytics programs, resulting in millions of dollars saved annually in hardware and maintenance fees.    

Along with the Cashless Casino App, Acres will showcase Precision Bonusing, an industry-unique solution that takes casino bonusing to the next level by allowing operators to quickly create custom bonuses and deploy them to any specific slot machine. With incredibly flexible configuration options and tight integration to the Cashless Casino, Precision Bonusing dramatically enhances player engagement and grows gaming revenues by allowing casinos to create unique, targeted player offers at any time, regardless of the player’s physical location.

For more information or to set up a personal demonstration, contact [email protected].

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