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Cabinetry Gone Green

PRODUCT: Evolver cabinetsMANUFACTURER: Cole Industries

Cabinetry Gone Green

Cole Industries has introduced a “green” line of casino cabinets. The Evolver line of cabinets provides the maximum life cycle while still retaining the flexibility to be easily refreshed to support changes in the market.
The Evolver design allows slot technicians to do printer ticket loads and clear jams without opening the cabinet. This reduces downtime, increases security and extends internal components’ shelf life by limiting components that have to shut down and reboot when the door is opened. Cabinet ventilation keeps the inner cabinet cool enough to extend the operating life of key components.
External appearances can be dramatically changed in less than 30 minutes using the cabinet’s unique modular construction. External features are secured to the frame, but can easily be removed and exchanged on the casino floor. This design also allows field conversion kits to be designed when changes in the LCD market require cabinets to be upgraded to larger displays.
Using Cole’s Fast Track concept, games can be converted to support a variety of industry-standard gaming platforms.
The Evolver is “green” because the materials used in the manufacturing process are RoHS-compliant. If a cabinet is refurbished, the plastics and metal used in construction meet most jurisdictions’ requirements for recyclable materials. Game illumination is by LEDs, which produce little heat and require 80-90 percent less operating power than incandescent lamps. Cabinet ventilation is designed to use minimal power. Most of the line’s LCDs support a “power save” mode.
The Evolver line allows each customer to have a unique look. The customer participates in the cosmetic design of the exterior with a long list of materials to choose from. The customer can choose as many unique cabinet looks as desired. There is one cabinet style for each library of games or each distributor. Broad color schemes are available and may be interchanged with each order, giving the customer the flexibility to target specific markets and or casino themes.
For more information, call Cole Industries at 702-633-4270 or visit the company’s website at

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