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Building Loyalty

PRODUCT: Luxury Gifts, SUPPLIER: Rymax Marketing Services

Building Loyalty

Casino marketing departments that have relied on free play and cheap merchandise as loyalty rewards have a high-end alternative in Rymax Marketing Services.

As the largest manufacturer’s representative in the incentive industry and leading provider of player loyalty solutions in the gaming industry, Rymax provides fully customized loyalty programs, access to thousands of merchandise rewards at factory-direct pricing, and on-site loyalty events to meet a casino’s unique patron needs that motivate and engage players.

While free play may be the most common marketing tool for most casinos to stimulate visitation and foster loyalty, it fosters little emotional attachment or lasting satisfaction—it is “spent” and forgotten. Luxury products and brand-name merchandise rewards like Paula Deen, Toshiba and Michael Kors are a stronger motivator to stimulate play and increase wallet spend.

Rymax offers the most desired brand-name merchandise with a high perceived value, which engages players to spend at the venue, build up points and earn their desired reward. Rymax’s program rewards create an “I want that!” reaction from players and increases engagement by staying current with player demand for products that are truly desired.

Rymax also has the expertise to create custom loyalty events that boost spend and engage players to earn points. The redemption is done on-site at the casino, providing a great opportunity for hosts to engage with their players as they interact during the redemption experience. Events including pick-a-gifts, shopping sprees, promotional product giveaways, auctions, slot and table game tournament prizes and sweepstakes keep players engaged in a loyalty program and increase on-site visits.

Rymax designs an overall brand message that becomes a vital ingredient to give the casino a competitive advantage over the competition.

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