Bright Tables

Product: Blaze LED Surface Technology, Manufacturer: TCSJohnHuxley

Live casino table games have enjoyed a resurgence over the past few years, which can be attributed in some part to the rapid growth in online gaming. Traditional games are extremely popular with a younger demographic, and we’re now seeing them being enjoyed in lots of different formats.

As far as casino gaming is concerned, there has been a resurgence in the innovations of games, content and hardware that has evolved at an unbelievable pace in recent years.

Visually appealing products, such as TCSJohnHuxley’s Blaze LED surface technology—featuring patented animated video capability— continue to add further excitement to already-popular table games, and boost appeal for new player demographics.

As the millennials enter their peak spending window, it is important to design and develop games that are in line with their expectations, based on their consumer electronics and online experiences.

Available for sic bo, roulette and Money Wheel, Blaze LED surface technology is a sophisticated illumination system that adds entertainment for customers and increases security on the casino floor.

Through patented technology, energy-efficient LED lights fitted below the surface of the gaming table display unique attraction sequences and themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. No other product on the market has the ability to offer custom animations that can be tailored to any game theme or design.

With a choice of single or double configurations depending on game type and with acrylic or cloth layouts, Blaze LED surface technology delivers high-impact brilliance and excitement to table games.

For more information and to view Blaze animation examples, visit:

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