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Bright and Easy

Product: Sentry 2.0 Bezel, Manufacturer: JCM Global

Bright and Easy

Bill validator bezels are one of the most frequently used ways consumers interact directly with a casino and its slots. The message “Insert Bills or Tickets Here” is often displayed through a sticker or in a series of chasing lights. Bezels also communicate with floor personnel, with LED graphic indicators like a wrench icon when the device needs servicing or a denomination to indicate the last bill accepted.

Available exclusively on the award-winning iVIZION bill validator, the Sentry 2.0 from JCM Global brings that interactivity to a new level utilizing a high-resolution, high-contrast, two-color LCD. The player-friendly interactive messaging is noticeable immediately, and, because it is controlled by the bill acceptor, no changes to the game software are necessary.

The Sentry 2.0 bezel is the first application available on iVIZION. It is customizable and easily programmable so an operator can display a wide range of messages—such as the property logo or a good luck message—in bright, fully functional two-color LCD graphics.

Sentry 2.0 is designed for the global marketplace; it accepts notes and tickets up to 85mm wide. It incorporates multi-currency and multi-language support, and the original release will support English, French, Spanish and simple Chinese. The languages can be displayed one at a time or in concert, such and English/Spanish or English/French.

 Using the new IR-secure JCM keyfob, Sentry 2.0 also helps to quickly settle customer disputes. Attendant messages are clearly displayed at the push of a button. Events such as the last bill in are clearly shown on the bright LCD display. Key items such as the denomination, the direction of insertion (face up or down), and the elapsed time since the last note was inserted are shown on the LCD for easy and efficient attendant review.

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