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Branding Through Play

PRODUCT: Bingo Castles MANUFACTURER: Newland 12 LLC

Branding Through Play

A new product from Newland 12 LLC keeps a casino’s brand in players’ hands by marketing through a game.

The Las Vegas creative team at Refinatrix (creators of games such as Switch 6 and K-Otic Universe), along with the casino marketing team from Newland 12 LLC, have collaborated on an engaging medieval spin on traditional bingo with Bingo Castles.

This new spin is designed to draw patrons to venues within the resort and keep them on property by not only increasing the level of entertainment but by enabling players to win real-world prizes like gift cards, concessions, etc. The more they play, the more chances to win gift cards to a property restaurant or gift shop, or any other prizes.

Think about it as an extension of casino marketing, as it is a great way to engage customers with specials, jackpots and announcing holiday events. And more importantly, the players will continue to play when they return home. With this new product, customers can be engaged with and regularly receive reminders of an operator’s property.

Bingo Castles is available to be played on the web, and is also available for download in the Apple and Android stores. The game can also provide a white label option, removing the theme and branding the games with the casino’s brand.

This product is fully customizable for operators who want to include their own gift cards, as well as sweepstakes, contests, tournaments, etc. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Newland 12 hosted its own Bingo Castles Zoom Tournament, where players battled across the nation for various prizes—an innovative way to engage with players in their homes and on their phones.

Online tournaments and online “Bingo Parties” provide an opportunity to reward players with gift cards as prizes and create incremental visits. This is not only a great retention tool but can be used to increase player acquisition.

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