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BPS M3 Count-Room Solution


BPS M3 Count-Room Solution

G+D Currency Technology recently launched its latest high-speed solution for casino count rooms, BPS M3 (above). This banknote processing system enhances productivity with flexibility.

BPS M3 is part of the G+D family of high-speed banknote processing systems. It counts, checks, registers, sorts, stacks and bands at a throughput of up to 76,000 banknotes per hour, making it the ideal solution for mid to large count rooms. A large continuous feeder accepts up to 4,000 banknotes. Flexible output modules can be delivered in any combination of up to five delivery modules. Large Delivery Modules (LDMs) handle 2 x 2,000 banknotes and regular Delivery Modules (DMs) include four smaller stackers with one bander each.

Other enhancements include an intuitive 15-inch touchscreen and new, highly accurate and reliable sensors. NotaScan InOne sensors have outstanding lifetime performance and ensure quick, precise and secure processing of large volumes. Fewer operators are required to process cash on the BPS M3, resulting in lower labor costs. The system handles cash as well as TITO tickets.

High-quality components with a 10 year-plus operating life combined with service excellence are key reasons why G+D has the largest market share of casinos with 3,000-plus slots.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Speed: Processes up to 76,000 banknotes per hour
  • Security: State-of-the-art sensors precisely check value, security features, and fitness for circulation.
  • High flexibility: Modular structure of feeder and output modules enables upgrades after installation
  • User-friendly: Ergonomic design includes an intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Optimum efficiency: Fewer operators are required and the system is guaranteed for many years of reliable operation. Integrates with BPS Connect software and NotaTraccÒ loading automation systems.

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