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Bookie Calls for End of E.U. Maneuvering

Adrian Morris, director of the Fair Play for Sport Betting campaign, called on European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to promote fair, open and equal access to European markets for all E.U.-based sports betting companies.

Morris said that even now, five years after the Gambelli case established the right of an operator in one country to provide services in another, countries are refusing to follow the ruling.

“It seems clear to us that some member states do not accept the clear legal rulings. Rather than following European law, they are seeking to opt out of it. The European Commission, as the defender of the EU Treaty, has not only the legal right to intervene, but, more importantly, the duty to do so,” Morris said.

Morris said the countries not following the ruling are flouting E.U. law, and that while 10 states have been warned, they refuse to comply.

By not complying with E.U. law, Morris said the countries undermine the credibility of the commission.