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BMM Celebrates 30 Years

Gaming testing organization BMM Compliance announced that November marked its 30th anniversary. Launched in Australia in 1981, BMM has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of gaming product certification. Since 2005, BMM has expanded its operations internationally from two to 12 countries to service gaming customers worldwide.

“BMM’s original gaming technical standards for Australia, written in 1992, became the basis for all standards used today in gaming around the world,” said Martin Storm, BMM’s global president and CEO. “As such, BMM continues to be the lab of choice for regulators wanting new gaming standards. This success has translated into unprecedented growth in 2011, particularly in our North American business, where we have established the industry’s strongest leadership team yet.”

BMM has many initiatives planned for 2012 as the 30th anniversary celebration year. “BMM staff across the globe will celebrate this special occasion, and we are planning an entire year of events with educational workshops, special exhibitions, presentations and awards,” said Marketing VP Wendy Anderson. “As part of this celebration, BMM is sponsoring a student scholarship program which will commence in 2012.”

Also last month, printing supplier FutureLogic, Inc. announced that BMM Compliance has completed the evaluation of the company’s PromoNet promotional couponing system, and determined that it does not impact areas of regulatory concern.

PromoNet uses pre-set triggers to evaluate play and issue coupons to entice players to join a player’s club, and can print other coupons for marketing and promotional purposes through the ticket-in/ticket-out system. To comply with the evaluation, FutureLogic submitted to documentation to BMM along with a fully functioning system, which BMM evaluated and tested in a controlled laboratory environment.

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