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Blasting Forward

PRODUCT: Blast EGM, MANUFACTURER: Techlink Entertainment

Blasting Forward

Techlink Entertainment, a Canada-based manufacturer of electronic gaming machines and systems, has launched a unique EGM that delivers an immersive gaming experience in a wide selection of games, unique features and technological advancements.

Called “Blast,” the EGM combines technology and player insight to provide players with heightened comfort and convenience, featuring increased personal space, ergonomic button positioning and an extensive array of thoughtful, personal convenience tools such as a purse hook, cup holder and multi-level footrests.

Each element of Blast has been purposefully placed to provide both the player and the technician with a user-friendly experience.

“Blast’s beauty is not limited to the outside,” says a company official. “With an open design, flexibility, and hybrid functionality, this EGM delivers the best of both worlds—the benefits of traditional gaming we have grown to know and love, along with the power and opportunity of server-based gaming all on one machine.”

Blast’s hybrid platform gives operators the flexibility to deliver online games, traditional EGM games, and lottery games like scratch tickets on one terminal. The EGM’s unique “LaunchIt” platform and web-based capability allow operators to be first to market with new games without the need for replacement game kits or physical software changeovers.

Blast is completely adaptable as a multi-game or single-game machine, and game changes can take place immediately, from a central server, allowing the operator to maximize floor performance and deliver games that players want, when they want them.

Additionally, Blast’s platform design enables interoperability, because it’s non-proprietary.

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