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Bingo Bonus

Product: Bingo 6Manufacturer: Ortiz Gaming

Bingo Bonus

Ortiz Gaming has launched an electronic bingo game that offers multiple chances to win. Bingo 6 is comprised of four cards with 24 numbers each. Forty-four balls are drawn from a central server, in a main draw in which every player wins a prize.

At the end of the main draw, players are offered the opportunity to join the Extra Bonus, a seven-level feature during which a new ball is drawn at every level and marked on the activated card for a chance to win additional prizes. Besides the guaranteed prize, a total of 10 prizes are offered, plus the jackpot.

The Ortiz jackpots, on all of the company’s titles, are true community bonuses, with winnings shared among all players. When a player wins a jackamount, every other player on the bank of games wins a percentage of the jackpot. This results in a lot
of interaction among players, who encourage each other to bet more, to increase the jackpot amounts to be shared.

“This brings true community excitement and participation to the gaming floor and increases time-inchair,” says an Ortiz official. “Regardless of the game title, regardless of the denomination, or the number of credits played, everyone shares in every jackpot. In every country where Ortiz games have been installed, players root for each other to win jackpot amounts to be shared by everyone. This level of player excitement increases coin-in, and thus, win per unit.”

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