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Big Data

Product: Duetto GameChanger (Revenue Strategy Cloud Application), Manufacturer: Duetto Research

Big Data

With the launch of “GameChanger,” Duetto aims to help hotel casinos take back revenue lost to third-party booking intermediaries.

Dissatisfied with the tools at his disposal, Duetto co-founder Marco Benvenuti—formerly with Wynn Resorts, where he led revenue management, data analytics, direct marketing and online channels—joined forces with fellow Wynn executive Patrick Bosworth  and the former chief technology officer of, Craig Weissman, to build a cutting-edge cloud application capable of delivering the functionalities he always wanted.

“Casino hotels have been stuck with 20-year-old technologies that cannot keep pace with today’s distribution demands,” says Benvenuti. “Revenue is up but commissions paid intermediaries are growing twice as fast. An information disadvantage has allowed for arbitrage, and it is time to level the playing field.”

According to Benvenuti, casino hotels miss many opportunities to maximize revenue because traditional systems lack the flexibility needed to fine-tune pricing strategies. For example, why not offer valued guests a discounted room vs. nothing at all if they do not meet a comp threshold? Duetto GameChanger allows its users to dynamically price by each independent customer segment, room type, offer or discount.

Another advancement—looking to big-data technology, Duetto is improving forecast accuracy by incorporating new insights from demand indicators, such as web shopping behavior, airline traffic, customer review and weather data, among others.

According to Duetto, some of the more powerful and immediate insights about prospective customers are easily obtained by tracking regrets and denials from website booking inquiries.

Early customers are seeing strong results, in some instances doubling revenue.

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