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Betty Boop's Love Meter

Bally Technologies

Betty Boop's Love Meter

Bally brings back an old favorite with this game, a reprise of the series first launched in 1998 featuring the 1930s cartoon vixen Betty Boop.

Betty Boop’s Love Meter is a multiple progressive featuring a ladder-style top-box bonus on the new Bally ProSeries C22/22 upright cabinet. The bonus feature also uses the interactive “iDECK,” which is a flat LCD that serves as the button panel during primary play and transforms into a tool for the player to participate in the bonus event.

In this case, the bonus is an adaptation of the old “test your strength” carnival game in which customers would hit a hammer to send a disc up a scale of strength, the ultimate goal being to ring the bell at the top. The Betty Boop adaptation, the “Love Meter,” plays out in a bonus called “How Hot Are You?”

The base game is a 40-line video slot with a 10-credit bonus bet per line bet. There are nine bonus events that can be triggered from the primary game, including the main tower bonus, four free-spin events—one, five, 10 or 15 free games, the top two with a spin multiplier that appears in the tower display—and three-pick-one events. The single free game can also be awarded with three wild reels.

The pick bonuses include “Light Up Betty’s Life,” in which the player is awarded six picks form a matrix of unlit light bulbs to move a meter into a “red zone” for bonus credits; “Unlock Betty’s Heart,” in which the player picks from three lockets for a credit award; and “Betty’s Purse, in which the player picks one of three purse symbols for a credit award.

The main “How Hot Are You?” b onus can lead to one of three progressives, won by progressing up the ladder-style tower in the top box. The “Playful Pudgy” jackpot starts at $50; the “Beautiful Betty” jackpot starts at $1,000; and the top “Hot Stuff” jackpot is a wide-area prize resetting at $1 million. (There also are local-area progressive versions of the game available with top jackpots resetting at $10,000 and $20,000.)

When the main bonus is triggered, the player places hands on the iDECK LCD pad to “measure his love” acumen. The lights on the lowest level of the ladder get brighter, and the lights go up the ladder until one reaches full brightness, and a panel flips to show the player’s reward.

Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
Alpha 2
Five-reel, 40-line video slot
Max Bet:
Top Award:
Progressive; $1 million reset
Hit Frequency:
Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: