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Betting Solution

Product: Web and Mobile Solutionsm, Manufacturer: Best Gaming Technology

Betting Solution

BGT’s web-based and mobile solutions allow customers to bet where and when they want, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. All of the BGT solutions are built off the same platform regardless of whether it is terminal, till, web or mobile meaning. The design of the mobile and web solutions implements the latest in responsive and intuitive methods as standard.

The function of being forever connected allows a bettor to be at a live event and react to the proceedings immediately, cashing out early, allowing easy actions such as increasing the bet, adding another game, etc. The mobile platform enables the betting world to interact with a different clientele, the more casual bettor.

The user interface is similar to that of the terminal and tablet solution, with a goal to get a user to be able to place and track a bet quickly, trigger an early cash-out or watch the match flow of the game.

The web platform offers the punter the option to create his own betting cockpit (see to have a look yourself), use a widget to follow several games at the same time or create and save customized coupons (widgets). It offers the chance for the punter to dig a little deeper, and to take a more research-focused approach to the bets they place.

In both platforms, operators have the ability to quickly and easily interact with their users through promotions, coupons, bonuses, etc. This is part of a multi-channel approach to over 170,000 markets per week across 30 sports, which is proving to increase customer retention, as well as reach out to customers with a higher ARPU as opposed to a pure digital or retail customer.

With all major feed suppliers providing the most comprehensive sports betting statistics, both solutions give a user all the information from head-to-heads, goal scorers and possessions stats, among many other details. Bettors can analyze past results to make a decision on how teams and players generally perform against certain opponents, with features including live scoreboards and in-play match visualizations for a range of sports.

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