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Better Roulette

Product: i-Table RouletteManufacturer: Shuffle Master, Inc.

Better Roulette

Shuffle Master has introduced a partially automated version of roulette that improves operator results through efficiency. i-Table Roulette’s electronic betting interface improves game speed and security while reducing many of the operating expenses of traditional roulette.

The technology reduces chip handling, which enables operators to generate more revenue with fewer errors and disputes. Additionally, the system eliminates capping and pinching bets, and player/dealer collusion is prevented with bet resolution technology.

By automating many of the game’s manual processes and resolving all takes and pays electronically, i-Table requires less pit supervision and dealer training. Game play is conducted with virtual chips—meaning fewer fills, and no RFID chips or sensors.

The system permits dealers to spend more time providing customer service to players, and less time calculating payouts and stacking chips.

As more casino operators move to party pits and “dealertainers,” the

i-Table allows for greater flexibility in staffing. Seasoned and new dealers alike can easily learn and operate i-Table’s game content with minimal training.

Finally, the i-Table platform will deliver additional spins per hour, which means more excitement for players and greater profits for table game operators.

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