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This is the latest title in GTECH’s partnership with PopCap Games, which publishes video games available for PCs and free on the internet. Bejeweled is PopCap’s flagship title, with more than 50 million units sold across all platforms.

The base game is a screen full of gems, with game play true to the gem-swapping game that is the casual version of Bejeweled. With each play, seven colored gems collapse and automatically make matches. A match of three gems of the same color pays a credit prize while a match of four or more gems of the same color pays both pays a credit prize and creates a special gem. Players get paid when special gems are created and when they detonate.

In the “Bejeweled Burst Feature,” a mystery mini-game has players swapping gems for bonus payments until no more moves can be made.

There are also gem “boosts” as in the casual game. Players can select from three game boosts by paying 25 credits times the active bet for the ability to pick from one to three boosts. In the “Multiplier Boost,” a multiplier gem appears on screen and wins are multiplied by 2X to 10X when matched. In the “Mystery Gem Boost,” a question mark gem turns into a regular or special gem. In the “Scramble Boost,” which can occur at the end of the game, eight rows of gems on the game board are scrambled horizontally for a second-chance win.

There are six main bonus events—three chance bonus events and three skill-based bonuses. The player chooses chance or skill when the bonus is triggered. On the chance side are “Alchemy,” involving 10 free spins; “Buried Treasure,” a free-spin bonus with the goal of revealing three pieces of treasure; and “Balance,” in which 10 free spins are awarded, with 15 blue and 15 red gems awarding an additional 10 spins.

On the skill side, “Butterflies” involves players making matches to free 10 butterflies in 10 moves before any of them reach the spider. In “Diamond Mine,” players shave 10 moves to match gems that will break the ground at the bottom of the board to uncover prizes. In “Poker,” players have 10 moves to make two total poker hands of gem matches.

Progressive jackpots are awarded through a three-level “Pot Feature.”