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Bartop VGM


Bartop VGM

GameCo’s new Bartop VGM is the first gaming device to bring Video Game Gambling into the casino in a bar-ready form factor. The Bartop VGM combines casual and sports games people enjoy with a new style of gambling experience. The Bartop VGM builds on decades of success of video poker traditionally featured in a similar form factor.

Bartop technology has remained relatively unchanged within the past 10 years, but GameCo’s new generation of bartop technology will engage casual players in a setting that is both social and comfortable. GameCo’s new Bartop VGMs add game variety to a section of casinos that, currently, doesn’t have much variety.

Games featured on the new Bartop VGM machines range from casual to sports games. Mystery of the Secret Temple, a casual match-3 game, will attract both current and new players. All-Star Hoops is a pick-and-win game that offers sports fans the chance to shoot basketballs for cash, a perfect game for any location where sports are shown. Riches of the Golden Dragon is a simple-to-play, fast-paced title with mini-games and a bonus round where players can multiply wins.

The same high-velocity betting mechanics that players are familiar with from the casino floor are now available in the multi-game Video Game Gambling Bartop VGM.

GameCo’s Bartop VGM also provides for a highly social experience as players can collaborate with friends, making the games more engaging than traditional offerings. Fun, rewarding and familiar—these are the qualities that separate GameCo’s Bartop VGMs from the others.

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