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Bally unveils new iView tool

Slot and system manufacturer Bally Technologies last month unveiled a new software system for its “iVIEW” in-slot LCD display, the small display that has already been installed on thousands of slots across the industry.

The iVIEW Display Manager, introduced at a systems user conference held last month by the manufacturer, will enable picture-in-picture capability on the iVIEW display, the main game display or any display associated with a slot bank.

The new system will allow both game information and system-generated information such as promotions to be displayed on the same screen. The technology also will allow casinos to use the iVIEW product to display information on the slot machines of any manufacturer.

It is the latest feature in what Bally calls its “Networked Floor of the Future,” a completely open delivery system for server-based content across the equipment of various manufacturers. The manufacturer has partnered with one of its competitors, Aristocrat Technologies, to develop server-based technology that can be used by all manufacturers.

“The most exciting thing for me is that we have been able to demonstrate this capability not only on Bally games, but on other manufacturers’ products including IGT and Aristocrat,” said Bruce Rowe, Bally’s senior vice president of strategy and business development.

“We have been working for over two years with Bally on a common command-and-control capability for the Networked Floor of the Future,” added Timothy Parrot, CEO of Aristocrat Technologies. “While there are new technologies being developed, we feel comfortable that this technology as proven can be deployed on current machines. We agree with this technology approach and look forward to expanding our relationship to bring this solution to market.”

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