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Bally Launches 'Bally TV,' Washington Product

Slot manufacturer Bally Technologies announced several major developments in the past month. In the state of Washington, the company completed a major upgrade of its products in the central- determinant video lottery market.

Bally is providing Washington casinos with games featuring the new Pro Series cabinet, the Alpha Elite V32 video format, the Digital Tower Series of games, and “Reel Image,” the video format that uses layered LCD monitors to replicate reel-spinning slots—a format Bally officials say was developed specifically for the Washington market.

In Florida, Bally announced that it has gone live with the first installation of its new “Bally TV” in-room television service at the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in suburban Miami.

Bally TV enables casinos to deliver customized marketing messages, crosspromote casino and resort amenities and events, and provide access and interface to player’s club account information and features, all on in-room televisions. Guests also are offered customer- service options not formerly on in-room TV systems.

The system is a collaboration between Bally and InfoValue, a pioneer in the area of internet-protocol television, or IPTV. The two companies worked together to create a customized solution that integrates with hotel/resort systems and Bally Systems solutions, including Bally’s CoolSign award-winning media-management technology, which gives operators the ability to send targeted marketing messages customized with the individual guest’s name directly to the Bally TV displays via Bally TV’s IPTV Ethernet connection.

Bally TV offers personalized guest services ranging from high-quality HDTV video-ondemand to network-based personal video recording and time-shifted television.

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