Automated Incentives

Product: BounceBack (automated casino promotion software) • Manufacturer: DataSpade

Automated Incentives

DataSpade’s BounceBack software offers a higher level of marketing power for casino properties. The automated casino promotion software, used to issue free-play coupons and gain loyalty with players, is designed to bridge the gap between player’s club data and the marketing efforts needed to sustain player loyalty.

BounceBack is a valuable tool to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of any player’s club database. It’s been proven to increase revenues by up to 15 percent.

BounceBack outperforms ADT and cumulative segmentation models alone by using a balance in conjunction with daily response, which eliminates the need for a period average or total. With BounceBack, properties can send appropriate offers to all segments of their players without the risk of running a loss.

By implementing a predetermined point threshold (that stays relative to each player’s value and trip frequency), offers are automatically triggered when a player’s point threshold is achieved. These offers can then be syndicated directly to the print house and/or kiosk redemption center automatically, on a daily basis.

The software will encompass all player’s club data and issue appropriate offer amounts to each player. Not only does the BounceBack determine the offer amount based solely on cumulative play; it also accounts for a player’s distance from the property and calculates offers in relation to travel time.

Redemption windows are enforced using a shorter offer expiration period, effectively controlling player response pressure. BounceBack will build value in the player’s club while perpetuating a steady growth in player loyalty, carded play, trip frequency and revenues.

Executing effective marketing incentives is an imperative necessity in supporting players’ interests to keep them coming back. Implementing BounceBack into a marketing campaign ensures that a property recognizes and rewards each player automatically on a daily basis.

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