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Arriving On a Jet Plane

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) recently released its annual list of arrivals to Las Vegas by city and state, which it has produced every year since 2017.

In 2022, the 10 U.S. cities that sent the most travelers to Las Vegas were, in order: Los Angeles (1.8 million), San Francisco (1.3 million), New York City (821,467), Chicago (756,045), Dallas (722,905), Seattle (682,629), Denver (643,870), Houston (533,406), Atlanta (484,535) and San Diego (479,721).

Interestingly, all of the top three cities tallied sizable year-over-year increases—Los Angeles generated a 50.6 percent increase in arrivals, compared to 43.3 percent for San Francisco and 35.1 percent for New York City.

Chicago (-3.4 percent) and Atlanta (-8.3 percent) were the only markets to record year-over-year decreases. San Diego had the biggest individual increase, at 69.8 percent.

Broken down by state, California, Texas, Florida, Washington and Illinois were the markets with the most departures to Las Vegas, in order.

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