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Are You Experienced?

Chris Sherlock, Corporate Director of Guest Experience, MGM Resorts International

Are You Experienced?

It takes an incredibly versatile person to be able to not only be successful on the analytical side of gaming, but also the operational side. A strong believer of hard work and determination, Chris Sherlock is an excellent example of how one can break the barrier between the two realms of gaming.

Recently promoted, Sherlock currently serves as the corporate director of guest experience for MGM Resorts International. If Sherlock was asked in the beginning of his career where he thought he would be in five to 10 years, he probably would have answered with a position that is very different than what he is doing today.

Although he has been with MGM Resorts International since 2010, Sherlock has shown his versatility through the various roles he has held with the corporation, such as operations specialist, financial analyst, senior financial analyst, project manager, strategy manager and director of hotel operations initiatives—the most recent position before his promotion. When offered the promotion to director of guest experience, Sherlock gladly accepted the chance to expand his horizons, noting that this position “makes me look at the totality of the business instead of just the hotel.”

Prior to his time at MGM Resorts International, Sherlock held an internship at Raymond James Financial and also earned a place in MGM Grand Corporation’s Hospitality Internship Program. In 2009, he graduated from Bentley University in Boston with a bachelor’s degree in finance, but was involved in the gaming industry from an early age due to his father’s career.

Chris’ father, Bill Sherlock, worked his way up from a front desk audit clerk to the president and CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino, a position he held for 10 years before his retirement in 2008. Sherlock credits his father with not only introducing him to the world of gaming, but also serving as an inspiration. “He has and always will be the greatest mentor to me,” he says, “because he has accomplished all of the goals I wish to achieve and exceed one day.”

When asked what he sees as the most challenging part of his position in the gaming industry, Sherlock responds, “The most challenging part to my job is trying to enact the right change in an industry that dates back to the 1930s (at least in Nevada) and adapting to an entertainment city from a gaming city.”

This challenge has appeared since the shift toward amenity-driven integrated resorts has taken Las Vegas by storm.

To those who are looking to get started in the gaming industry, Sherlock recommends “being open to changes and seeing different perspectives every day,” to which he credits his continued success in the industry. Another important piece of advice from Sherlock is to take others’ advice into account when making decisions, to have a well-rounded opinion.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Sherlock looks forward to experiencing the responsibilities and challenges associated with his new position. He is eager to use his experience to help with the  several new openings that will be occurring in Maryland, specifically as it relates to helping design the ultimate guest experience and continue MGM’s successful history on the East Coast.

Between Sherlock’s wide range of experience and strong determination, his continued success in the gaming industry is all but guaranteed. Having accomplished so much under 40, his experience will only continue to grow, and could lead him to exceed even his father’s impressive career milestones.