Analyzing Roulette

Product: Gaming Floor Live Wheel Analysis Manufacturer: TCSJohnHuxley

Analyzing Roulette

Gaming Floor Live (GFL) Wheel Analysis is a new real-time roulette optimization tool designed to maximize key performance areas and profitability. With GFL Wheel Analysis, operators are able to maintain their TCSJohnHuxley wheels, as well as other manufacturers’ wheels, at peak efficiency, allowing complete visibility of a wheel’s performance and the ability to highlight and detect any bias.

GFL Wheel Analysis allows operators to assign wheels to certain tables and collect data in the background to generate concise and detailed reports that constantly check a wheel’s integrity. A configurable web-

interfaced dashboard allows access to different analytics and reports based on user authority and runs as a distributed service—allowing easy access from any device on the casino’s network. This gives casino staff a snapshot of their operations, as well as the ability to drill down to detailed analysis.

These reports provide easy-to-read diagrams that illustrate acceptable and unacceptable levels of performance and bias. Reports can be filtered by date, table, game speed and various other selections, depending on the type of report being shown. The system also provides exceptional alarms, such as device offline, wheel spun too fast or slow or drop zone anomaly, giving operators the tools to make good decisions and take appropriate and immediate actions.

GFL Roulette Wheel Analysis can also record all maintenance activity on wheels. Regular service and maintenance of any RNG device is essential to ensure it is performing at optimum levels. All activity is recorded and can be checked to ensure wheels are being maintained and cleaned according to approved standards and guidelines.

With GFL Wheel Analysis, operators can have peace of mind as they can track wheel performance in real time, enabling them to manage risk and optimize game performance.

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