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American Influence

The AGA spent May spreading the good word about gaming internationally.

American Influence

As the global gaming industry continues to evolve, the American Gaming Association is diligently pursuing all opportunities to share the U.S. industry’s success story abroad. This May, we had the distinct honor of joining members of the ever-growing casino gaming industry in Asia as AGA participated in the Japan Gaming Conference (JGC) and hosted our largest Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia event to date.

While in Macau, we witnessed firsthand the incredible growth and success of G2E Asia 2018. This year’s event hosted an unprecedented 37,000 square meters of exhibition space, up 27 percent from 2017, and showcased more than 220 exhibitors with cutting-edge products, services and technologies. We’re proud to report that G2E Asia 2018 was not only the largest in size but also in attendance, with more than 16,000 people joining us from 89 countries and regions.

As G2E Asia enters its second decade, the expo continues to demonstrate the industry’s ever-growing diversity with a range of premier gaming and integrated resort offerings, and we look forward to seeing great strides in this area.

GGB readers likely don’t need to be reminded of the opportunity at hand as Japan considers how to roll out a now-legal casino gaming industry. As the country finalized the rules for developing and operating integrated resorts (IRs), it is more important than ever that we share our learnings and experiences as the world’s third-largest economy considers its path forward.

Being at the JGC offered us the chance to not only share our story from here in the U.S., but also to highlight the successful statistics and practices that we’ve seen firsthand in Singapore. It’s in all of our interests for the industry to continue to grow and evolve, while, above all, providing a safe environment for consumers.

As we conclude a successful spring of international advocacy, we’re encouraged by the burgeoning gaming market in Asia, and we look forward to continuing AGA’s engagement with our industry partners abroad.

Stacy Shibao Papadopoulos is general counsel and senior vice president of industry services at the American Gaming Association. In this role, she oversees AGA’s legal operations, member engagement, strategic partnerships and shared services, including finance, human resources and technology.

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