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All In One

Product: FABICash Kiosk SolutionManufacturer: FABICash

All In One

Anew kiosk solution from FABICash combines multiple functions in one cash-advance stop. The company’s proprietary cage software, FABICash, was developed by a team of in-house senior-level software engineers to provide a user-friendly solution to process credit card cash advance, debit advance and check cashing.

The FABICash application is loaded with technology bells and whistles such as electronic signature capture, driver’s license capture, banned patron list and customizable fee tiers. The solution interfaces with the company’s proprietary Title 31 software, FABITrack, and with the other two major Title 31 software providers. FABI’s goal is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use system that will put more money back on the gaming floor while keeping the casino federally compliant and preventing fraud.

On the kiosk front, partnering with Glory and a couple of other kiosk manufacturers, FABI engineers built a software application that takes the traditional TITO and bill-break kiosk, and turns it into an ATM. On top of the ATM feature, the cash access company is in the final stages of providing two new features on its kiosks—e-check transactions through Certegy and ATM payout with the option to print the funds to slot ticket. 

The print-to-ticket ATM payout option is designed to improve customer experience and convenience, while putting more money back on the gaming floor. This also saves on the wear and tear on the kiosk cash dispenser, and will reduce the amount of cash the casino will need to have on hand to drop in the kiosks.

Another example of their commitment to new technology is being unveiled at NIGA, FABICash Mobile. FABICash Mobile is a tablet device that will allow cage cashiers or slot attendants to roam the high-limit areas of the gaming floor to perform credit card cash advances, debit advance and ACH checks right at the players’ games or tables.

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