Slot and table supplier AGS announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with EGC LLC that will allow the company to begin worldwide distribution of the popular commission-free baccarat table game Dai Bacc, outside of California card rooms. Over the last year, Dai Bacc has gained a following among players in Southern California card rooms, thanks to its three bonus bets that offer the possibility to hit at least 30-to-1 odds on every round.

“Dai Bacc’s distinctive bonus bets offer very high payout potential with the introduction of the Kill Bet, which means players have an added advantage of winning even if the other two side bets lose,” said John Hemberger, AGS senior vice president of table products. “Because of its appealing bet structure, we believe Dai Bacc has the potential to become one of the most popular baccarat variations in the world, and our goal is to bring the power of Dai Bacc to casinos worldwide through our well-established sales network.”

“Dai” is a universal Asian term meaning “big” or “large,” and it’s used to describe “the best” of something in multiple Asian languages, thus immediately appealing to a large audience. Dai Bacc’s game-play experience is unique because it follows the same game rules and procedures as traditional commission-free baccarat, but with three bonus bets—the Tiger 7 and Ox 6, which pay 40-to-1 odds; and the Kill Bet. The combination of all three bonus bets offers an extremely high payout potential and gives players a chance to win even if they lose the Tiger 7 and Ox 6 bets. Additionally, there is also a possibility to win two bonus bets during a single round, which means players can win up to 70-to-1 odds.

Author: GGB Staff

Staff writers for Global Gaming Business magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada.