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Innovative Hospitality Technologies


Being able to deliver a first-class guest experience means streamlining business operations and relying on resort technologies to help get the job done. Fortunately, gaming hospitality professionals can address the entire guest life cycle—from pre-arrival to post-departure—using Agilysys’ innovative hospitality technologies.

Patrons can use their preferred electronic payment method with Agilysys rGuest Pay, featuring EMV with pay-at-table. With the flexibility of Apple Pay, Android Pay and other mobile wallets, rGuest Pay for pay-at-table is proven to increase efficiency in restaurants by minimizing the number of trips a server takes between the guest and POS station. This leading point-to-point encrypted payment technology is now available for pay-at-table.

Further digitize the payment experience with the added flexibility of allowing guests to pay with their own smart device. Downloading the rGuest PayNGO app, guests easily add, store and manage multiple payment methods in a convenient digital wallet for payments that integrate with InfoGenesis POS, CRMs and loyalty programs.

For casino resorts and hotels that want to grow the bottom line without adding significant cost, Agilysys LMS can help drive as much as a 25 percent increase in revenue with upsells at mobile check-in. Combined with room-ready text messaging, the ease of mobile check-out, 24/7 uptime and the efficiency of mobile housekeeping, it’s no surprise why LMS is an award-winning PMS.

Agilysys InfoGenesis Flex is the award-winning mobile point-of-sale technology featuring the same full-featured functionality found in InfoGenesis POS, but on a hand-held tablet. Ideal for any F&B, retail outlet or pop-up venue, this POS enables servers to cater to guests regardless of their location throughout the property. Whether on casino floors, poolside, at the beverage cart, conference centers or spa treatment rooms, InfoGenesis Flex’s unique offline capabilities perform uninterrupted, including in service areas with inconsistent Wi-Fi.

These resilient hand-held tablets are ideal for servers on the go, with the ability to withstand drops, splashes and shocks. A longer-than-usual battery life brings all-day performance so servers can focus on increasing revenue opportunities throughout their shifts.

With property management, online booking, activity scheduling, business analytics, point-of-sale, self-service kiosks, reservations and table management, inventory and procurement, workforce management and document management solutions, properties around the world leverage Agilysys technologies to support every area of their hospitality business.

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