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AGEM Member profile

BGi is a developer and manufacturer of break-open gaming tickets and related technologies. Since 1993, the company has been the exclusive supplier of break-open tickets to Canada’s Atlantic Lottery Corporation and also supplies tickets to other Canadian provincial lotteries (British Columbia Lottery Corporation and Lotto Quebec), and to the charitable gaming markets in Canada and the United States.

The company’s focus is on the continuing development and deployment of the Playlinxx Intelligent Ticket system, with its associated kiosk hardware and back-end systems. Playlinxx technology marries the physical aspect of break-open game play with networked kiosk systems, allowing for an immense variety of gaming experiences for the player. Options include automatic winner verification, second chance prizes and games played on-screen at the kiosk, and progressive jackpot games spread across geographically distributed gaming sites. Additionally, the kiosk system allows for targeted advertising as well as live updates on progressive prizes and available second-chance prizing. All of these features are delivered in a secure, controlled, networked environment exceeding lottery standards.

BGi’s Playlinxx division has recently deployed it first large-scale break-open promotional product for Chevron Canada (BC’s largest gas station/retailer). Incorporating break-open tickets with 2D barcode technology, the game links to a custom-made smartphone app, designed in house. The app allows players to scan the barcode to discover prizes and to play games on their smartphones related to the promotion. Prizing is dynamic, with prizes from the pool being allotted to players in real time in accordance with parameters established by the client.

In June, BGi won the RFP to supply Lotto Quebec with its Bingo Event Lottery Pull Tab Tickets.

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