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Ortiz Gaming

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Ortiz Gaming is a leading multinational video bingo and machine developer in the gaming industry. Ortiz provides the finest gaming products on the market, and delivers multi-platform games through social and mobile platforms, always bringing innovation and new experiences. Ortiz gaming concepts are a proven model in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

A passion for innovation and technology has evolved Ortiz Gaming into a successful and lasting industry giant across the globe.

Ortiz Gaming takes electronic bingo and machine gaming to the next level with an array of new games and systems aimed at growing its solid presence in land-based markets and extending it deep into the online and remote gaming space. Ortiz recently released new Class II and Class III slots, new keno and lottery games, new bonus concepts for bingo and newer and more interesting ways of reimagining gaming as a compelling entertainment proposition on whatever device the player chooses to engage with it. That will combine with new interactive and online offerings from the company.

 President and CEO Maurilio Silva sums it up with Ortiz’s theme for the recent G2E with three words: New, new, new.

“G2E is a global event, and we have new products for every market. We have spent millions in research and development this year, and the show floor will reflect that. We will have products for land-based, interactive and even hybrids. With the release of so many new products, Ortiz Gaming highlights new product throughout all three days of the event.”

Ortiz Gaming is based in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information on the company, visit

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