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Gary Platt Manufacturing

AGEM Member Profile:

Gary Platt Manufacturing has been serving the world’s casino industry for more than 20 years. Its products are found in casinos of all sizes on five continents, and are found all across the enterprise, including slots, table games, poker, bar-top, bingo, sportsbook, restaurants, and now in the guest room and convention area. The company is continually on the forefront of developing new seating technologies, models and fabrications. Gary Platt’s noted design team has more than 50 years of experience in creating chair models and products that deliver unsurpassed comfort to its customers’ casino guests.

Gary Platt has a new line of sports book seating including an all-new high-luxury club chair, a new spin on the classic Lido, and many other new and exciting options sure to wow casino-goers everywhere with comfort and style.

Gary Platt’s new quick-change seat is the fastest and easiest in the industry, and allows operators to easily switch out seats with just two bolts, getting players back in the game faster than ever before. The new quick-change seats will be available for Gary Platt’s X2 and NX2 models.

The world-famous comfort of Gary Platt’s casino seating has come to office furniture in its new Eclipse line, which features an upholstered seat, a full synchro spyder-style base, adjustable arms, and choice of mesh or upholstered back.

Gary Platt’s new Kopa stack chair is the answer to notoriously uncomfortable conference room seating. Designed specifically for the conference and banquet area, the Kopa stack chair incorporates all the ergonomics of its casino seating into a stack chair, including a seat filled with the company’s proprietary foam.

More than 20 years of seat ergonomics research has shown that when players are comfortable, they stay and play longer. This makes a casino’s chair choice a matter of bottom-line importance. Gary Platt’s design team takes ergonomics seriously and is continuously researching and developing to deliver unsurpassed comfort to its customers and their patrons.

For more information, contact Joshua Corrick at 1-330-303-5610 or [email protected]. Visit the website at

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