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AGEM Member Profile

Omron Amusement Co.

AGEM Member Profile

Japan-based Omron Amusement Co. is a gaming machine components manufacturer with a wide-ranging product portfolio—bash buttons, lens lighting panels, cabinet lighting assemblies, cabinet topper assemblies, machine tampering sensors, and other gaming devices.

Omron Amusement has 40 years of experience in the Japanese pachinko and pachislot industries. This allows Omron Amusement to develop diverse manufacturing processes and diverse product portfolios. Omron Amusement is a gaming technology company that works with partners to develop industry-changing products to make their cabinets stand out on the casino floor.

This year, Omron Amusements will release a Standard Circular Water-Resistant Bash Button to its impressive product listing. Omron, which has developed button technologies for over 20 years, is introducing a new low-profile, dynamic bash/bet button for use on top of touch-screen button deck displays. This new “floating” button technology uses sensors in place of traditional electro-mechanical switches but retains excellent tactile feedback for the gaming player.

The new button’s large transparent lens cover allows for excellent display messaging and visibility, and the optional halo LED bezel lighting adds colorful, eye-catching highlights. In addition, excellent life/durability test ratings and an IP54 seal-ability construction greatly reduce the risk of button failure in the field.

For more information about Omron Amusement and its products, contact [email protected].

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