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AGEM March 2023 Meeting Recap

AGEM March 2023 Meeting Recap

AGEM March 2023 Meeting Recap
  • The new chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Kirk Hendrick, hosted a workshop meeting on March 21, to discuss modernization of Nevada’s regulatory oversight of gaming technology. This informal dialogue was designed to gather information from industry representatives highlighting experiences and practices in other gaming regions. AGEM Executive Director Daron Dorsey attended the workshop and shared a general synopsis and recommendations gathered through feedback from the membership.
  • AGEM aims to continue pursuing discussions with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to improve approval procedures and processes for getting land-based and online gaming products into that market. It appears that there is consensus that common ground can be found to speed up timelines, as well as working with the agency to improve general procedures going forward, so AGEM will continue the efforts on behalf of the membership.
  • Some months ago, AGEM commissioned an Industry Impact Analysis and Report which provides an extensive overview into the supplier sector, both in the U.S. and globally. Members were informed at the March meeting that the report is complete and will be distributed to the membership in the coming weeks. This important study has been commissioned by AGEM several times over the years, and highlights the benefits the industry brings to communities through job creation, wage growth and general improvements to society. The latest version shows the supplier sector has been resilient over the past three years through the pandemic and that recovery and growth continue throughout the gaming supplier sector.
  • A new plan for AGEM meetings and events was unveiled to the membership at the March meeting. During the pandemic, the need to switch to virtual meetings highlighted how accessible and successful the gatherings could be. Since that time, more and more members have chosen to stay “virtual,” so from April onward, the usual monthly gatherings will be held via Zoom. One of AGEM’s strengths. however, is to provide a good arena for people to get together to share information and network, so going forward, in-person events will be held every three to four months. These will consist of a variety of formats featuring key speakers or panel discussions, highlighting companies or services that are industry-related, possibly followed by a lunch or dinner or reception. More detailed plans and objectives will be shared at the next meeting that will provide a more interactive and beneficial forum for members in the long term.
  • The Indian Gaming Association Trade Show and Convention took place March 27-30 at the San Diego Convention Center. AGEM’s Dorsey and President Bob Parente attended a presentation prior to the show consisting of a dedicated sponsorship towards tribal educational initiatives. This philanthropic support marks a new direction for AGEM, focusing more on educational initiatives rather than commercial ones.

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