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AGEM Member Profile: RCT Gaming

AGEM Member Profile: RCT Gaming

Lima, Peru-based RCT Gaming started in Brazil in 1994 developing video bingo for local markets. Today, RCT develops slots, video bingo and other solutions for casino and bingo halls in Latin America and Asia. RCT Gaming uses its own hardware and software that support the games, designed for the most diverse markets in the world.

The new NXGB hardware platform, developed in partnership with RCT’s software team, which is based in Brazil, is technically superior to its competitors. Its compact size allows for great business agility. All RCT games run on this new hardware platform, and all supporting software has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International.

The market has responded well to RCT hardware with its compact, easy installation and very competitive price. For 25 years, RCT clients have understood that they can count on technical support from the company.

RCT concentrates on slots and video bingo, which include the noted Halloween theme, and interconnected traditional bingo terminals. RCT Gaming also is a provider of slots and video bingo for online gaming platforms.

With 25 years of experience, the development structure of new games is designed to serve different markets, whether it be the preferences of the players or the diverse regulations in each country. New games are currently being and will be released soon. More interactive games with bonus jackpots and innovative “mystery” features will be unlike any in the market.

RCT Gaming has offices in Peru, Mexico and the U.S. In several countries of Central and South America, RCT games are operating on platforms from other vendors in partnership with RCT. For those countries with changing legislation and regulations, RCT has the solution.

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